Voice Dream Reader IPA MOD For iOS
Voice Dream Reader IPA MOD For iOS

Voice Dream Reader IPA MOD For iOS

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8 October 2023 (2 months ago)

Last Updated 8 October 2023
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Voice Dream Reader is a cutting-edge and famous textual content-to-speech software to be had for each Android and iOS gadgets. Developed through Voice Dream LLC, Voice Dream Reader allows customers to immediately convert any textual content right into a spoken audio report, taking into consideration convenient and snug studying.

Voice Dream Reader IPA IOS

Voice Dream Reader helps over thirty specific languages and accents and gives a huge variety of visible alternatives. It can study textual content aloud in a herbal and human-like voice, and offers numerous different functions, consisting of textual content highlighting, pitch and talking charge manipulate, textual content-to-speech bookmarking, font adjustments, and voice personalization.Some of the maximum beneficial functions of Voice Dream Reader consist of its assist for a couple of report types, consisting of PDFs, DOCs, ePubs, and HTML. The software may even study aloud articles from quite a few services, consisting of Instapaper, Pocket, and Google Reader. It additionally comes with an included dictionary, which may be of awesome assist to enhancing each studying and writing skills.

Voice Dream Reader IPA FOR IPHONE

Perhaps one of the maximum thrilling functions of Voice Dream Reader is its assist for accessibility alternatives. It permits customers to personalize the advent of textual content, inclusive of growing font length, changing font weight, and highlighting phrases, all of that could assist people with dyslexia or visible impairments study extra comfortably. It additionally helps Switch Control, permitting customers to govern the software with quite a few enter gadgets, inclusive of a Joystick, Eye Gaze, and Big Button Keypads.Voice Dream Reader is a incredibly green and realistic textual content-to-speech software, making it a awesome preference for any character trying to enhance their studying and comprehension skills. It is to be had for each Android and iOS, and costs $9.99.

Voice Dream Reader IPA FOR IPAD

Voice Dream Reader is an app designed to growth accessibility of virtual textual content for humans with visible impairments or dyslexia. With using terrific textual content-to-speech voices, Voice Dream Reader can study nearly any virtual textual content consisting of PDF and Word files, internet pages, and ebooks.Voice Dream Reader is designed with a easy and intuitive user-interface. It permits for customers to personalize fonts, font sizes, colors, and line spacing. Additionally, the app gives quite a few speech alternatives to pick from, consisting of herbal sounding voices, pace and pitch adjustments, voices in numerous languages, and heritage track. Additionally, Voice Dream Reader has a integrated dictionary, highlighting and note-taking features, and a nap timer.The app does now no longer require any extra hardware or complicated setup. It’s like minded with quite a few gadgets consisting of Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch gadgets. Voice Dream Reader additionally works properly on Android gadgets consisting of telephones and tablets.

Voice Dream Reader IPA LAST VERSION

Voice Dream Reader is a awesome alternative for individuals who are visually impaired or dyslexic who need an green and reachable manner to study virtual content material inclusive of documents, internet pages, and ebooks. The app is straightforward to apply and customizable, and is to be had on each iOS and Android gadgets. Voice Dream Reader is an super preference for individuals who need to make their studying less difficult and extra green.Voice Dream Reader is an progressive cellular software that gives an unbeatable aggregate of functions for each readers and non-readers. It transforms any textual content into audio, for each entertainment studying and academic purposes.This app is designed to assist humans get admission to and study written texts from quite a few sources, consisting of PDF, Doc, and EPub formats. Voice Dream Reader makes any textual content reachable, no matter the user’s literacy level. The app is ready with a textual content-to-speech software that reads textual content aloud in a herbal-sounding voice. Voice Dream Reader additionally consists of human-sounding voices in 27 languages, consisting of Spanish and Chinese.

Voice Dream Reader IPA

One of the maximum stunning functions of Voice Dream Reader is its versatility. It may be used for quite a few purposes, inclusive of reading for school, studying books, or taking note of articles. It helps phrase lookup, studying phrase pronunciation thru audio, textual content-to-speech pace manipulate, or even full-textual content search. In addition, Voice Dream Reader may be used with assistive technology, inclusive of Braille displays. The app may be custom designed to fulfill the desires of every person user.

Voice Dream Reader IPA MOD

This app has a wealth of functions to make studying reachable to absolutely everyone who has trouble with conventional kinds of studying. For individuals who are blind or have low vision, there are extra functions inclusive of textual content highlighting and colour assessment adjustment. The textual content-to-speech features may be used to pronounce and spell person phrases or sentences. For folks that are deaf or hard-of-hearing, the app may be installation to apply Bluetooth audio.


Voice Dream Reader makes it feasible for hundreds of thousands of humans to get admission to written texts, no matter ability. It is a innovative app this is reworking the manner humans with studying problems get admission to written content material. With its huge variety of functions, Voice Dream Reader is positive to be a treasured device for readers and non-readers alike.Voice Dream Reader is a innovative app designed to make studying less difficult, faster, and extra enjoyable. Using herbal sounding textual content-to-speech voices, in addition to state-of-the-art textual content format and audio pace manipulate, Voice Dream Reader is ideal for absolutely everyone who desires to get extra out in their studying.Voice Dream Reader is awesome for busy specialists and college students who do not have the time to take a seat down down and study. It helps forty languages, consisting of the English spoken in US, UK, Australia, Canada and India, in addition to non-English languages like Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, it reads PDFs, webpages, ebooks, and extra. It may even be used to study ebooks bought from Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks and different stores.

Voice Dream Reader APK MOD

The app additionally consists of some of functions that assist personalize the studying experience. Its “Word Wizard” function enables customers speedy locate definitions of unusual phrases, in addition to pronunciation and context information. Meanwhile, its “Focused Reading” function organizes lengthy articles into brief sections for less difficult navigation.Voice Dream Reader additionally consists of some of customization alternatives, from converting font length and colour to gambling heritage track or white noise to masks environmental sounds. Its audio pace manipulate function permits customers to regulate the talking pace to their personal pace.The app is to be had on Android, iOS and MacOS gadgets. It’s additionally protected in Amazon’s Alexa app, permitting humans to study complete books the usage of most effective their voice.Overall, Voice Dream Reader is a awesome app for absolutely everyone who desires to get extra out in their studying experience. With its herbal sounding voices and customizable functions, it is positive to make studying an awful lot less difficult and extra enjoyable.


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