Super Sus IPA MOD (Wall Hack, Dron Wiew, Vote Out)
Super Sus IPA MOD (Wall Hack, Dron Wiew, Vote Out)

Super Sus IPA MOD (Wall Hack, Dron Wiew, Vote Out)

7 October 2023 (2 months ago)

Last Updated 7 October 2023
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Super Sus Mod IPA– Played with the aid of using three hundred million human beings everywhere in the world, the trending and fashionable three-D recreation Among Us!

About Super Sus

Super Sus is a multiplayer recreation advanced with the aid of using Red Button Games for cellular devices. The recreation is a social deduction recreation that entails gamers seeking to discern out who amongst them is the “suspect.” The recreation become launched in 2021 and has won recognition amongst gamers who revel in social deduction games.


Super Sus is a multiplayer recreation that entails six to 10 gamers in every recreation. Each recreation begins offevolved with gamers being randomly assigned a role: both a crewmate or the “suspect.” The crewmates are the gamers who’ve to finish obligations at the spaceship, at the same time as the suspect’s aim is to sabotage the crew’s efforts and put off them one with the aid of using one.

The recreation is performed in rounds, with every spherical beginning with the crewmates attempting to finish their obligations at the same time as the suspect attempts to sabotage their efforts. The crewmates should paintings collectively and talk with every different to finish their obligations fast at the same time as preserving an eye fixed at the suspect. The suspect, on the alternative hand, has to combo in with the crewmates and sabotage their efforts with out getting caught.

The recreation additionally functions emergency meetings, in which gamers can name a assembly and talk who they suppose the suspect is. During the assembly, gamers can vote on who they suppose the suspect is, and the participant with the maximum votes is ejected from the spaceship. If the crewmates control to finish all their obligations earlier than the suspect gets rid of them, they win the sport. If the suspect manages to put off all of the crewmates or in the event that they efficiently persuade the crewmates to eject an harmless participant, they win the sport.

Graphics and Sound

Super Sus gives colourful images which are visually attractive and well-designed. The recreation functions a cartoonish fashion that provides to the sport’s lightheartedness. The recreation’s sound consequences also are well-designed, with one-of-a-kind sound consequences for obligations, sabotage, and emergency meetings. The sound consequences are synchronized with the gameplay, making the sport extra engaging.


The recreation gives intuitive contact controls which are smooth to use, making it handy to gamers of all talent levels. The controls encompass a digital joystick for movement, buttons for moves which include finishing obligations and sabotaging, and a talk device for speaking with different gamers. The recreation additionally functions customizable controls, permitting gamers to regulate the format of the buttons and the sensitivity of the joystick to match their playstyle.


The recreation’s multiplayer mode is the spotlight of the sport, because it permits gamers to crew up with their buddies and compete towards different gamers online. The recreation functions a matchmaking device that suits gamers of comparable talent levels, making sure a honest and balanced gameplay enjoy. The recreation additionally functions a rating device that tracks the participant’s overall performance and awards them with rewards and titles primarily based totally on their rank.

Game Modes

Super Sus gives one recreation mode, that is the conventional social deduction recreation mode. The recreation is performed in rounds, with every spherical lasting for some minutes. The recreation additionally functions one-of-a-kind maps that provide specific demanding situations and boundaries for the crewmates and the suspect.

In-recreation purchases

The recreation gives in-recreation purchases that permit gamers to shop for beauty objects which include skins, hats, and pets. The in-recreation purchases are absolutely elective and do now no longer have an effect on the gameplay enjoy.

Overall, Super Sus is an top notch social deduction recreation that gives a splendid enjoy for gamers who revel in this genre. The recreation’s colourful images, intuitive controls, and multiplayer mode make it an attractive recreation this is really well worth playing. The recreation is loose to down load and play, making it handy to gamers of all budgets.

MOD IPA model of Super Sus
MOD functions

MOD v1

Wall Hack (Pass Through Walls)
Hide Mod
Can Move Always
Vote Out
Drone Wiew

MOD v2

Mod Menu
Unlimited Money
Skin Unlock
Wall Hack

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