Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited money, gold)
Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited money, gold)

Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited money, gold)

Playgendary Limited

30 October 2023 (1 month ago)

Last Updated 30 October 2023
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Category Action
5/5 Rating (2)

For those looking to pass some time in an enjoyable activity, Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited Money, Gold) is the perfect app. This amusing game allows players to relieve their tension and stress by attacking an animated character (Buddy) with whatever tools are available in the virtual world.

kick the buddy
kick the buddy

Kick the buddy IPA For IOS

The object of this engaging game is to cause as much damage as possible to Buddy with the weapons and power-ups available. Money and gold can be earned through the game and used to unlock an awesome arsenal of weapons and other fun items. With kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited Money, Gold), the arsenal of tools includes a guitar, boomerang, baseball bat, fists, a taser, and plenty of other amusing items.

Kick the buddy free money

The array of weapons and power-ups is vast. Players can rack up victories and gain experience by continuously attacking Buddy with these exciting tools and items. As the player progresses through the game, he or she is able to unlock more powerful weapons and tools. For example, one of the most highly sought after power-ups is the Rocket, which can do massive damage to Buddy.

kick the buddy
kick the buddy

Kick the buddy unlimited gold

The Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited Money, Gold) app is exceptionally easy to use. Players can quickly and easily pick up the game by using the touchscreen of their device. In fact, this impulse is all but effortless to learn.

Kick the buddy IPA

As the name implies, Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited Money, Gold) also guarantees an unlimited supply of money and gold. Players can use the money to unlock powerful weapons and the gold to upgrade their current tools. The powerful arsenal of weapons and pleasing design of the game make it thrilling from start to finish.

In short, for those looking for an enjoyable pastime activity, Kick the Buddy IPA (Unlimited Money, Gold) should be on the top of their list. With an impressive arsenal of weapons, gold, and money, it offers hours of fun and engaging gameplay.

kick the buddy
kick the buddy

Recently, an exciting new iOS game called “Kick the Buddy” has been released. It presents an entirely different gaming experience with a unique and fun style.

The objective of “Kick the Buddy” is to collect coins and gold by kicking a virtual, computer-generated buddy. Players must earn coins and gold to level up their gaming experience and gain more in-game items. Unlike many other games, “Kick the Buddy” doesn’t have an energy system or any time-limited content, allowing gamers to enjoy an unrestricted gaming experience.

The game also offers a special IPA version with unlimited money and gold. This IPA version of the game allows players to purchase in-game items without having to worry about their limited coins and gold. By purchasing the IPA version, players will be able to access rare items and gain an advantage against other players.

Overall, “Kick the Buddy” is an enjoyable and exciting game with a unique style. The unlimited money and gold of the IPA version make it a must-have for anyone who wants to have an edge over the competition. The released IPA version will surely satisfy gamers of all ages who want to have more fun and challenge in the game.

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