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12 May 2023 (1 year ago)

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iLocation+ makes it easy to search for any place in the world. Simply enter your desired search criteria and iLocation+ quickly presents options that most appropriately match your query. Whether you’re looking for a nearby restaurant, a hotel in another city, or a national park, iLocation+ has you covered.

iLocation+ IPA IOS

The newest way to find the perfect location just got even better with the introduction of iLocation+. With an improved user interface, advanced search capabilities and a unique shareable design, it’s quickly becoming the top mobile application for finding and sharing the best locations to visit.The application’s design ensures easy-to-read search results that map out your best options. It also provides helpful resources like customer reviews, ratings, and distance from your current location. With tools like these, iLocation+ lets you make the most informed decisions about your chosen destination.


Best of all, if you find a great place to visit and want to tell friends and family about it, iLocation+ lets you easily share the location details. With the ability to send a link on Whatsapp, copy and paste, or post on social media, you can easily make your friends jealous by showing off your amazing discover.Overall, iLocation+ is a great mobile application for finding and sharing amazing locations. With its convenient search parameters and easy sharing capabilities, it makes discovering the best locations a breeze. Give iLocation+ a try today and start finding and sharing your perfect place!
Do you want to find out a place but can’t remember the exact location or name of it? Are you looking for something fun to do, but don’t know where to look? Many of us can relate to these problems, which calls for a need of a location-based search technology.Enter iLocation+, a search and share location service designed to bridge the gap between discoverability and functionality. It is more than just a map – it’s the perfect search engine for finding places of interest, parks, restaurants and more in a particular area.

iLocation+ IPA FOR IPAD

Using its user-friendly navigation, one can search for any place by entering keywords on the platform. This improved searching process has saved users countless hours of their time while they try to find a specific location. In addition, the platform has embarked on a unique initiative to build a “sharable location” database so that users can share and comment on locations. This way, it is easy to find information about a destination, like city reviews or reviews of a particular business.The team at iLocation+ is also dedicated to bringing the very best in technology to consumers. Its integrated database of preset locations allows for lightning fast searches, and its ability to sort results by ratings, proximity, and other criteria ensures users get the most relevant results in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, they are constantly optimizing the database with up-to-date information, so that users get the most accurate results.

iLocation+ IPA

Overall, iLocation+ is an invaluable search and share location service that one needs in their pocket. Its comprehensive database of locations, user-friendly navigation, and lightning-fast sorting system are perfect for finding and sharing the most relevant information about a place.Today, an innovative start-up company is launching a revolutionary new location search and sharing app called iLocation+. Designed with a user-friendly interface unseen in any other app, iLocation+ is poised to become the go-to way to virtually explore and experience places around the world.iLocation+ is designed to make the search process simple yet powerful. Users can search for places by name, address, zip code, or point of interest. It brings up detailed information on each place that users can choose to save or share with friends. It even features a map view, so users can view locations in a more visual manner.

iLocation+ IPA MOD

In addition to searching for locations, users also have the ability to save and share their favorite places. When users save a place, they can add details such as photos, ratings, and reviews. They can also share these places with their friends or post them to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.But the most powerful feature of iLocation+ is its ability to create “here” maps. With Here! maps, users can create a customizable map that includes multiple locations, directions and images of all the places in it. This perfect for planning a trip with friends or for quickly sharing a list of preferred places with family members.iLocation+ truly ushers in a new era of location search and sharing. It’s simple and easy to use and provides a wide range of features. All this makes iLocation+ the ultimate location search and sharing app.


Have you ever found yourself in a crowded city confused and unable to identify your exact location? There is now a revolutionary way to solve this issue: iLocation+, an app designed to make searching and sharing location easier and more efficient.The iLocation+ app is specifically created for users who travel often or want to give or get directions in an unfamiliar city. Its user-friendly interface consists of various features that pick up the user’s GPS signals, offering location search parameters that users can trust. These features are detailed maps and curved search lines, which help pinpoint the exact spot where the user is standing. The app can find the nearest landmarks, hotels, restaurants, and other significant places, hence making it easier to communicate and share locations with others.


For added convenience, iLocation+ offers a feature that pins the user’s current position on the map, allowing the user to keep track of the location without actually having to worry about it. This feature is referred to as iPin. By using the iPin, users can mark and save multiple places of interest, making them easily accessible for future viewings and visits.By utilizing the latest technologies, iLocation+ app innovatively combines an array of features that make it user-friendly and efficient. With its unique design and features, it helps to make navigating unfamiliar cities and sharing location information to others easy and fast.

iLocation IPA

Overall, iLocation+ app is a breakthrough in navigation and location sharing, providing users with a smooth, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

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