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Heroes vs Hordes Survivor IPA

Heroes vs Hordes Survivor IPA (Unlimited All)

Moon Studios Inc.

24 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Heroes vs Hordes Survivor IPA
Last Updated 24 May 2023
Category Action
MOD Info 🔩 Features🔩 ✅ Infinite Currency/Resources ✅ Instant Kill
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Heroes vs Hordes Survivor IPA (Unlimited All) is the latest mouthwatering craft beer from Heroes vs Hordes Brewing Company. This IPA is an amber-colored ale that derives its flavor and character from the use of crystal malts. This, in addition to the generous amounts of hops, makes Heroes vs Hordes Survivor IPA (Unlimited All) an extremely satisfying, yet balanced beer.

Hero vs Hordes’ Survivor IPA is a fantastic combination of citrus, pine, and tropical aromas. The use of Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hop varieties connects these flavors together into a smooth experience in the mouth. With the medium-high bitterness upfront, the malt character leaves you with a sweet finish that leaves a craving for another sip.

The clear amber color of the beer is thanks to the malt, while the citrus and pine aromas come from the aforementioned hop varieties. The IPA has 6.5% ABV and is balanced perfectly with a dry and hoppy finish. There is a mild sweetness in the aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

For those who are looking to try a fantastic IPA that stands out from the crowd, Heroes vs Hordes is the perfect choice. From its appearance to its exceptional taste, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, with its unlimited all label, you can enjoy this craft beer without any worries. Grab it today and experience the difference of a true Craft Beer Survivor IPA.

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