Cut the Rope IPA For IOS
Cut the Rope IPA For IOS

Cut the Rope IPA For IOS


8 October 2023 (2 months ago)

Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher ZeptoLab
Category Puzzle
5/5 Rating (2)

The mobile gaming community is no stranger to the ever-popular game Cut The Rope, but now it’s available in a brand-new iteration – Cut The Rope IPA for iOS! Powered by Apple’s officially verified App Store, Cut The Rope IPA brings some fresh updates and exciting new levels to the classic game, making it an absolute must-have for fans of allages.

Cut the Rope IPA For IOS

The game consists of levels that require you to strategically use your skills to get the candy into the tiny green Om Nom’s mouth without being cut in the process. The objective remains the same as the classic version, but new elements such as the power-ups are sure to spice up the game. The power-ups, like suction cups and balloons, will help players to get past tricky levels by giving them an extra helping hand.


Cut The Rope IPA also has enhanced graphics and a few other surprises in store thanks to the new updates. A bonus game, “Super Powers”, will test players’ rope-cutting skills as they swoop in and cut ropes as fast as they can to get power-ups. You can even use coins you earn throughout the game to purchase items from the “Bonus Store”.

If you’re ready for some fun gameplay, then Cut The Rope IPA is the perfect choice for you. Download the app now and put your skills to the test!


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