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21 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Blacklist
Latest Version v1.4.2
Last Updated 21 February 2023
Size 88M
3/5 Rating (46)

Blacklist is an app that utilizes exploits like MacDirtyCow and KFD to bypass restrictions and revocations imposed by Apple on iOS devices. This allows users to install and use third-party and sideloaded apps that would otherwise not run due to being blacklisted by the system.

How Does Blacklist Work?

When apps are sideloaded from unofficial third-party stores or using a personal developer certificate with AltStore, they can stop working if Apple revokes their certificate. By exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS, Blacklist removes these apps from the internal blacklist so they can launch and function normally again.

It provides an easy to use interface within the app to reactivate any revoked or expired apps. Recently support was added in the Blacklist KFD version for newer iPhones running iOS 16 up to iOS 16.5 using the arm64e chip architecture.

Installing Blacklist IPA on iPhone & iPad

Since Blacklist is not available on the App Store, users need to install the IPA file manually. This can be done without a computer using helper apps like Scarlet, TrollStore or ESign to install unsigned IPAs. After allowing the developer profile, simply download and open the Blacklist IPA on your device through these apps to finish installing.

Bypassing iOS App Limits

In addition to bypassing app revokes, Blacklist can be paired with tools like WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit to go around the default 3 app limit for sideloading imposed for free Apple developer accounts. This allows more unsigned or altstore apps to function simultaneously.

Overall, Blacklist provides invaluable utility for iOS users who rely on sideloading and unsigned apps by overriding Apple’s tight controls. Just be aware it does exploit vulnerabilities, so some precautions are advised.

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