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TikTok-Dark IPA (install) For iOS

TikTok-Dark IPA (install) For iOS

8 October 2023 (2 months ago)

Last Updated 8 October 2023
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The rise of TikTok has been arguably one of the most prominent phenomena of the digital age. With its accessibility, unique format, and catchy music, the Chinese-developed video sharing network has gained immense popularity among Generation Z. However, with its growing success, a darker side of the app has developed, which is known as “TikTok-dark”.

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TikTok-dark is a group of controversial channels on the app which contain violent and otherwise inappropriate content. This content includes videos depicting self-harm and suicide, as well as hate speech and animal cruelty. This type of content has been flagged as inappropriate on the app, yet it continues to rise in frequency.

The impact of these videos can be especially damaging to younger users who may not be able to discern between harmless, creative content and the darker variety. This is made worse by the fact that TikTok does not have robust enough algorithms in place to monitor, filter, or remove such content.

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The app has recently come under fire for its failure to adequately address this type of content. The company has stated that it is making changes to the functionality of the app to make it “safer and more responsible for the hundreds of millions of users”. However, these changes do not seem to be enough to combat the dark side of the app, as more and more inappropriate videos continue to proliferate.

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It is important that parents educate themselves about the potential for exposure to inappropriate content on TikTok and take steps to protect their children from it. With its immense popularity, the company will need to take action to ensure that its users are protected from this darker side of the app. Until then, it appears that the problem of TikTok-dark is only getting darker.

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